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McDonald's Shamrock Shake STRAW

Product Development & Manufacturing

To deliver the ideal flavor ratio of 50% chocolate and 50% mint in each sip, versus enjoying each flavor separately with a traditionalstraw, McDonald’s turned to highly-qualified engineering firms. JACE created the probably-more- revolutionary-than- actually-needed Suction Tube for Reverse Axial Withdrawal (the STRAW). The STRAW’s J-shape provides optimal flavor flow dynamics.

E-commerce Solutions is a San Francisco based studio focused on custom, one of a kind interactive designs and products. We've developed a simple and intuitive front-end to enable customers to easily customize products ranginng from phone cases to water bottles. On the backend, we've leveraged Node.js, Shopify, and AWS to seamlessly tie in the front-end with multiple vendors and fulfillment partners. Have an interesting project in mind? Get in touch, we'd love to work with you.

Google's Project Ara

System Architecture

As part of Google’s modular smartphone platform Project Ara, we performed extensive research on smartphone design and technologies that resulted in the development of the initial Ara program goals, requirements, and architectural options. We authored the module developers kit (MDK) documents and engineering artifacts that defined specifications and reference implementations for third party module developers.

Open IoT Network

Embedded Sensor Networks

We are helping to build a free and open IoT network in the city. We already have multiple gateways installed. Anyone within range of these gateways will be able to transmit and receive with a LoRA compatible transceiver.

DARPA System F6

Fractionated Satellites

We led DARPA's System F6 project efforts designed to demonstrate how fractionation and modularization enable increased flexibility (missions can be changed easily), resiliency (can launch smaller modules to replace others), and speed to build/launch. We developed plans and objectives to ensure the disaggregated technology elements were developed and integrated to create cohesive system architecture able to demonstrate all program objectives including multiple inter-satellite and 24/7 space-to-ground communication links, real-time resource-sharing middleware, cluster-level fault tolerance, autonomous long-duration cluster flight navigation and maintenance, and rapid scatter/de-scatter.

Amazon Alexa Skill

Software Solutions

We are well-versed in the latest technologies. We've developed an Alexa skill that quickly tells you when the next Presidio Go shuttle will arrive.