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Learn more from The Sun - WHAT THE FRORK? and Fox News - What the frork? McDonald's customers confused about new utensil and The Mercury News - What the Frork? How to get McDonald’s bizarre new item. Learn more from Fast Company Design - McDonald’s Just Innovated The Hell Out Of Straws.

We Made the Frork

We are a team of designers, engineers, and product managers with deep expertise and a network of world-class partners. We work with leading companies like Google, Motorola, and McDonald's to create products that make a statement. JACE was founded by Elwin Ong, a PhD. rocket scientist from MIT with a decade of experience in aerospace, defense, and consumer electronics. Our team's diverse backgrounds include industrial design, architecture, hardware design, computer aided design and modeling (CAD), software engineering, and project management.


We can probably make unicorns...

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